Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hey, we haven't read any actual reader mail lately. Let's take a look and see what we've got.

JRod wrote:
"Natalie and Harper and Jen are now loyal blog readers. Don't make fun of any of them."

Yes sir.

Okay, I was kidding, but what about Natalie could I possibly make fun of? Oh, besides her choice of boyzfriend???? Oh yes I DID!!!

Seriously, I realize this isn't like The Drudge Report or anything, but there are several people who check in semi-regularly and are gracious enough to read whatever nonsense I've posted. I don't say this enough, but "thank you" to each of you who stop by and spend a little time each week. Just so you know, I make it a rule not to make fun of any one except myself and, sometimes, Brittany Spears - but never innocent people that just wander in to the Shack. I want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated here, even those of you that are Auburn fans, or that date Auburn fans, or that may not be what I would call very attractive.

Crix wrote:
"All Jammy writes about on his blog are olives and rainbows!"

Dude, that's so surreal.

You know what I would like to see? A rainbow made of different shades of olives. And at the end of the rainbow, I think that there will be a pot of Grey Goose martini.

That's all I've got for today. CU L8R.


Karly said...

When I see you write things like CU L8R it totally cracks me up. Most things about your writing crack me up.

Katie said...

I liked the part where you talkeda bout "Wandering into the Shack", like it really existed. I imagine the actual physical Shack to be alot like Boogaloos. Except you are where Boogs would be and you serve beer to everyone from a pitcher. Also, there are canapes instead of conch. And maybe some shrimp and grits.

Jammy said...

I'll save most of you the effort that I just went through:

canape: noun; an appetizer consisting of a small piece of pastry, bread or toast with a savory spread or topping.

Sounds like a game they used to play at the Pike house.

I thought you meant to say "canopy", but that wouldn't have made sense. Ummmm, shrimp & grits.