Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey, look at Mii!!!

I haven't forgotten about The Other Side. I've actually written the second chapter, which may end up being the first chapter if I take Karly's advice. She's read the second chapter, but she doesn't think that it has any thing to do with Kelly. Boy, is she in for a surprise.

But in other news.....

I went over to Brandon's house last Saturday night and got to play the on the Wii...whatever. Hours and hours of fun that resulted in days and days of pain in my shoulder. It was just muscle pain - it's been a while since I swung a tennis racquet, and even longer since I simulated swinging a tennis racquet. The pain finally subsided some time yesterday.

In Wii, you can "create" yourself, kind of like on "The Office" when Dwight created a cyber version of himself, and then created a secret inner circle of the internet game he was playing so that he could be even further removed from reality. Any way "Mii" on Wii is actually better at tennis than the real me. But he's much too pale and he can't sing! (I don't know what that means.)

I hit a milestone at or about 5:40 this morning. I ran my 100th mile in the month of January! 100 miles. That's from here to Tuscaloosa and back, almost. Oh fun times. My goal is to run 1,200 miles in 2008. I should end up January with 105 miles, which will help since February is a short month.

Oh, and JRod and NatLee are engaged. Not sure if that's still a hasn't really been a secret for a while, but I think that most of you already know and the betrothal.

I'm having some trouble deciding who should get my vote next week. I seriously wish that I could just not vote this year and cast 2 votes in 2012. I did the little 'candidate match' exercise on McCain was the closest match, but we only agreed on 43% of the questions. That's not very strong. Is it too much to ask for someone to believe in national defense AND education? Are those mutually exclusive items? And everybody wants to FIX Social Security. There is no fixing it! We might can stretch it out a little further, but that would mean cuts in benefits. I would much rather them just be honest with THEMSELVES and say, "You know, we've got enough in the system to get us through the Baby Boomers, but if you were born after 1960, there's not going to be any thing in this for you." It's not really news. My first memory of Social Security was in the late 70s. My mom said, "It's going to be there when you retire." They should build off of her wisdom and adjust capital gains taxes and inheritance taxes accordingly to help us prepare.

Next was Mike Huckabee (he's a RUNNER!) with 35% and then Duncan Hunter (he's...he's....uhhh?) with 30%. Hunter actually dropped out of the race last 2006. Then, surprisingly, Barack Obama, followed by Rudy Giuliani. Me and Cynthia McKinney, yeah, I don't think that we'd get along. People love Obama, and I understand why. He's energetic, he's a dynamic and motivating speaker, and he makes me believe that HE BELIEVES what he's saying. Of course, he won't salute the least according to what I heard on Rick & Bubba this morning.

(That last sentence may come as a surprise to some of you, but I just can't listen to Jay and Al on JOX any more.)

What are your thoughts?

Last season's finale of "Lost" comes on tonight, and tomorrow night is the season premier! Oh, it's going to be good. I'd like to see more Claire. And some guest spots with Maria Menounos.

There was something else....something else....OH...the boss ladies want us - employees in the department - to write a 'handbook' about what we do every day and how we do it. Would writing blogs fall under Miscellaneous Other, or Communication - Written?


kfield said...

So can I assume that I now know what is on the other side of the door? (I won't tell...and I still don't know the connection.)

I too am having trouble settling on candidate. My problem is when go to take those quizzes I either don't know what 1/2 of the questions are asking or I don't have a strong enough opinion one way or the other. For what it's worth my quiz said Ron Paul...don't know if he is still in the race. When i first saw his name it was back in Oct. at the UofA homecoming parade and I thought it was some students playing a joke.

Agree about national defense and education not being mutually exclusive.

Definitely - Communication-Written

Katie said...

I am hurt I have not gotten to read the novel.

Why can't you listen to Al and Jay anymore?

klhcain said...

I'v done 3 different candidate calculators. One said the gov. of NM - don't even remember his name, one said McCain @48% and one said (and Ron and Brandon will die) Obama @60%. Must be something wrong with their questions or my answers.