Sunday, November 26, 2006

Football Pool Final Standings

As they've done a gathousand times the last few years, Noter Dame screwed me again. If I pull for them, they lose. If I pull against them, they win. I had the Irish +1.5 Saturday night. They lost by 20.

Congratulations to Karly on her 6th place finsh in the football pool this year. Although my win-loss record was actually better than her record, she did a far better job assigning confidence factors to her games. She finished ahead of both me and JRod. Congrats also go out to Katrina for her 11th place finish. She did an excellent job picking winners this year, having the same win-loss record as Karly, but her points came up just short. She does, however, claim the title of Best Teet in the OFP. Wow, Gary Coleman finished with the best overall win-loss record, but doesn't finish in the money. That's gotta hurt.

1. WHAWKS 463 pts. (80-50-0)
2. DENNIJO 448 pts. (78-52-0)
3. CRK5 439 pts. (72-58-0)
4. GARY COLEMAN 432 pts. (82-48-0)
5. KEYWON 425 pts. (76-54-0)
6. DREWS MOM 416 pts. (74-56-0)
7. KINGCONCH 407 pts. (75-55-0)
8. JRODJACK 407 pts. (71-59-0)
9. BANG-GU 398 pts. (73-57-0)
10. DIAMOND TRIM 395 pts. (68-62-0)
11. FULMERSRIGHTTEET 389 pts. (74-56-0)

There's always next year!

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Katie said...

Thanks for enlarging the usual top 10 to the top 11 just for me. It was quite demoralizing to be on top of my game (and in the money) for the first half of the season, only to crash and burn in the second half. I was going to put my "rules" on my blog if I was top ten. Not going to do it now (obviously). At least I beat Brian.