Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's a Sad Day

I don't have any news about the Alabama coaching search. My source - an Auburn fan that told me last Wednesday that Shula and Kines would be retained (see my tirade below) - keeps telling me the same names that I read about on,, and any other forum wherein rumors are started. He just likes to yank my chain, I think. I guess we'll just wait 'til we know.

It is a sad day for Birmingham radio. WRAX - The X, is no more. The one time GIANT of alternative music has been shut down so that WJOX can have an FM platform. The station that jump-started many of the alternative bands of the 90's has been closed in favor of the Scott Griffins, Herb Winches, Kelly Hunters, and Jim Dunaways of the world. Oy.

Under the guidance of Dave Rossi, WRAX literally started the mainstream careers of Sister Hazel, Cracker, Hootie & The Blowfish (Monica kissed a blowfish!) and many, many others. I know all of you may not have liked them, but that's my kind of music. After Matchbox20 became known across the country, the band was asked how it felt to be famous. Members of the band answered, "every day is like Birmingham". Rob Thomas wouldn't be who he is today without The X. The station was never really the same after Rossi left.

So today, I say goodbye to an old friend. I may go home and find my X-Fest 1 t-shirt and wear it for old times sake.

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Katie said...

I KNOW! I was so sad when I read that in the paper this morning. They didn't even tell the employees until last night. I loved the Live in the X Lounge Series. Classic CDs, all of them.