Thursday, February 22, 2007

Set your VCOs

I didn't feel like typing out VCRs, DiVos, and/or Tivos, but then I did it here any way.

What ever recording device you have, set it to record the SERIES FINALE of The O.C., bitc#es. Will Teresa show up with Ryan's baby? Will Kirsten deliver a fully developed 2 month old little girl after only 4 weeks of gestation? Are Summer and Seth really each other's lobster? What about Jimmy Cooper...will he come back and swoop Julie Cooper off of that old guy that used to be on Hee-Haw (or should have been on Hee-Haw)? The answers to none of these questions AND less, tonight on Fox.

I guess it's the year for a non-attractive female to win American Idol. I haven't really watched, but I think that the guys are awful, and the pretty girls are pretty but not vocally talented.

I'd like to hear from any one still watching 24, Lost, or ER. Anything happening there?

The Oscars are this weekend. I thought about keeping a running diary, but how many times do you really want to read, "the winner is a Bush hater, who won the award for their portayal of an anti-war Bush hater in the Bush hating thriller, "Bush Hater". They throw props to Cindy Sheehan, the Dixie Chicks, and to God."

Okay, between Britney Spears or Cindy Sheehan, who would you rather keep your child for the day?

That is all.


Karly said...

do you still watch the oc?

I guess Cindy Sheehan b/c at least her antics intially stemmed from a deep love for her child.

Jammy said...

I've seen parts of two or three episodes this season. I watched the last 30 minutes of the Series finale.

In an episode where no one ages, Julie doesn't marry any one but does graduate from college. The Cohens welcome a little girl in to the fold and move to Berkley. Seth says goodbye to Summer who sets off to save the world, and then they reunite a few years later to say I do. Ryan is the best man at the wedding and gives maid of honor Taylor a "we're next" nod. Ryan goes to work at a job site - he's an architect now, you know - and as he's walking to his car he spots a kid in a hooded sweatshirt looking dejected. The line that ended the series was delivered to the kid from Ryan and was, "Hey kid, you need some help?"

klhcain said...

Second Cindy Sheehan. If leaving K-fed was going to make her go bonkers she should have just kept him around.
I watch all 3 of those - none are really great right now. Lost is getting too bizarre - time travel, too many new people, too many mind games. 24 Jack's dad is in on it all. ER - Abby and Lukka are getting married, trying to put Neela with John Satmos character and I liked her with the guy who was her roomie and it centers too much on Stamos' character (Gates, I think).
I don't watch Oscars much anymore except to see the dresses and I can do that with my Star Magazine. I don't go to movies so don't really care much.