Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We went to a movie!

Wow, what a weekend. It's taken me two days to organize (loosely organize) what all happened.

Deep breath...here we go:

Friday night Leah and I went on a date. Alone. No Jack. No Brandon and Karly. No Prom King and Katie. No JRod and Ellie Walker, the lady druggist. Just us. It almost didn't happen, because little Jack-Jack had a come apart when we left. I don't think that it was so much that we were leaving, but that we were leaving in the CAR. He luvs the car right now. He loves to sit in the driver's seat and turn all the knobs and stuff. He's silly. Anyway, back to the date. What were we supposed to talk about? I hope nothing, because that's about all we discussed. We went to the Summit Tavern (the one up top, not by Fleming's). Did y'all know that the Tavern doesn't serve Coors Light? I think that I knew, too, at one time, but I forgot. It was nice to have a meal that didn't end in me having to pick chicken up from the floor or leave a 40% tip. I got the prime rib sandwich (of course) and Leah got French onion soup and a salad. She wanted to save room for the movie theater popcorn.

After dinner, we went to see Ocean's 11, Part three. I enjoyed it okay, but I actually liked part two better. Of course, Ocean's 11 was still the best. One funny thing did happen during the movie. No surprise here, but the movie is set in Las Vegas, right? There are a couple of scenes from McCarren Airport, and that means that there were more than a couple Southwest planes seen in the movie. Well, every time one of those peanut serving planes was shown, the girl next to me would get all gitty, clap her hands, and squeal "wwhhhhHHHHHEEEEEE southwest". Just like that. Low at first with a fevered midpoint that tapered off to a low, fast "southwest". She did it all within acceptable volumes for a movie theater, but it was still a strange, Pavlovian type of response to a blue and orange plane. I looked at her a couple of times before I realized that she was a Southwest flight attendant.

So we get home Friday night relatively early. The news had just come on, I think. We went to bed because the real party starts every day about 6:00 AM, even on Saturdays. Actually, Jack slept in a little and didn't get up until about 6:45 Saturday morning. Must have been the rain.

We went to the Galleria early Saturday morning...we were there before 10AM. It was kind of weird to be walking around before the stores were open. I felt like one of those old guys that used to walk around Eastwood Mall because it was temperature controlled. I'm running out of time and interest, so here are the rest of the highlights:

Jack likes to ride the carousel 2.5 times.
There are at least two Dippin Dots vending machines in the Galleria Food Court. Yea Banana Split Dippin Dots.
Yea for game day apparel! Jen can help you guys out with that.
The old High Country store (lower level under Parisian Kids entrance) has Pearl Izuma trail running shorts, Brandon.
Why is K&B Toys so crowded with stuff? Shouldn't a store with a bunch of kids running around be a little bit less cluttered?
Yea three hour Jacknap after a morning of running around.

I don't think Prom King likes Davenport's Pizza.
I got the high score on Ms. Pac Man, and the third highest score on Donkey Kong.

Both of Jack's Sunday School teachers were out last Sunday. He didn't like the replacements at all. "Did he cry the whole time", we asked. "Off and on" was the watered down answer.

We had a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What a waste of your time. I'm sorry about that.


Katie said...

Jealous you got to go to a real movie. Craving French Onion Soup now. Prom King just likes his crust, that's all.

Karly said...

If oceans 12 was better than oceans 13 then i don't think I will go...did not like 12 that much as it was kind of confusing...will stick to fare more on my wave length such as Knocked Up

Michelle said...

Jen was very excited you guys came by to see her. It made her feel good. Marsha was thrilled to fianlly meet you and Jack. She said it's weird that you meet someone for the first time and they already know so much about you. She thinks Leah is the sweetest person ever and went on and on about how cute of a family you guys are. If you and Leah didn't know what to talk about on your date night, wonder what Scott and I will talk about on our 4 day vacation!?