Monday, July 02, 2007


wasn't selected this week either. The topic, Top Ten Rejected Titles for the New Bruce Willis Movie (I guess we're using the term "new" very loosely). My entry, "Die Already!", didn't make the cut.

They selected instead, "Die of Old Age Already", submitted by Greg M. of Milford, PA.

Shout out to Birmingham's Curt P.!! His entry, "Die Hard of Hearing", was #7 on the list.

The only other good one, "Dude, Where's My Wife?", submitted by Shelley R. of Port Orchard, WA.

Did y'all watch the big Diana Tribute concert last night? Me either.

We left Jack in the nursery at church yesterday. His fits of church nursery crying are not only heart-breaking, but somewhat legendary. He used to start crying when we turned the car in to the church parking lot. Not kidding. He'd cry, and cry, and cry, and pass out, and cry in his sleep, and wake up crying in the car on the way home after church. We've progressively gotten better such that the crying now begins when we walk down the nursery hall and ends when we turn on The Wiggles CD (he no longer passes out from crying).

Yesterday, when we got to the nursery 1/2 door, his little bottom lip began to quiver and tears formed in his eyes -- oh it's too much to even recount -- but, when we went back after 'preachin' (we haven't gotten to a SS class yet), he was standing up next to Mrs. Holly pounding on some toy that probably wasn't a pounding toy having a great time. Holly and the other teacher, Felicia - who I know can't wait for promotion Sunday - looked at us and in unison said, "Oh my gosh!"

Now, I'm thinking that he hit someone with a toy. Or threw something at someone. Or, although he's never done this before, bit someone. Why do we always think the worst?

Well, none of those things happened. They continued with, "He was so good!" hhhhoooooof. He played and talked and laughed and did 'more more more' when they ate goldfish crackers. He was excited to see us, but he would've stayed a bit longer.

They also said that he was "brilliant" and that his deductive reasoning skills were incredible. All that means is that he knows that if he's sweet, you'll let him crawl in to your lap, and from that perch he can reach your cell phone that's on the counter. He even told them "bye" and snapped his fingers when we left. He's so Fonzie and he doesn't even know it.

He's a good boy.


Karly said...

Why the overwhelming Princess Di coverage as of late. Is it her B'day or something? They just recycle the same stuff year after year after year.

Katie said...

This is HUGE!!! Jack is charming them already. Congrats : )