Saturday, October 06, 2007


I doubt any one will read this because I've been removed from the blog hub that is Karly's friend list, but I'll give it a try any way. Thank you Katie for sticking with me.

I've been on "vacation" since Thursday September 27. Team USA lost the Kiva Cup (again) because I couldn't put a ball in the fairway (again). My handicap should move from it's current 18.6 to a more accurate 29 at the next revision. We did get to see fake boobies for no good reason at all at a dive bar. I haven't told Leah the story yet. I'll tell her tonight after a couple of beers.

In the condo with the in-laws this week. Why is it that we have to wash Solo cups and re-use them when we're on vacation? I mean, I don't do that at home, and I'd gladly buy 200 of them just to not have to wash them. I don't get it. If we're going to use them and re-use them, why can't we just use the real glasses? It's goofy if you ask me.

As is tradition, Jack has been sick all week with a 102 degree fever. The pharmacist at the Publix was nice enough, and Jarrod and I saw a scared girl buy a pregnancy test and go straight to the restroom. We wanted to stay and see how the movie ended, but we thought that would be rude. Anyway, we thought Jack ate a rock, but I've since decided that he did not. He lo-loves the pool, but he hates the beach. He cannot stand to get sand or dirt on his feet. The flies are awful and they bite.

We ate at Captain Dave's last night to A.) avoid drama and B.) as Jarrod said, we can't eat any where as a group unless we have to walk under a fiberglass crab to get to the front door. Jarrod, NatLee, Leah and I are going to The Red Bar tonight. I'll get the chicken with capers and mashed potatoes. Who wants a t-shirt?

What happened to Michelle's blog?


Karly said...

She really went straight to the bathroom to do the test. How old did she look? By herself or with significant other? Why oh why didn't you stay to see the outcome? I will reinstate you if you can commit to a minimum on of one post per month....

klhcain said...

I'm nosey enough I would have hung around until she got out or just gone in behind her.
Children + vacation = sick. Just stay home if you have to take them - they still might be sick but at least your vacation doesn't seem like a chore b/c you are nervous that you are not home near their dr.
Glad to read a post again, wish it wasn't so long between.

Katie said...

poor little Jack. Poor girl. Hope it was negative. great post Jam. not sure what happened to Michelle's blog. lol at Jarrod's comment.

Jammy said...

I'm not a good judge of age anymore...people look my age or they look 12. I'd guess she was mid-20s (which is my inside age). She was there with a girl friend who took merchandise to the car while the other tinkled on the stick. She was wearing designer jeans, Karly, because they had sparkly things on the back pocket. They may have been fake. She looked more nervous than scared, which is understandable. She really looked more upset that JRod and I set up camp right in front of the EPT display. When I walked away, she had to purchase her product with JRod standing there. Oh, we were at the West Panama city Publix, so you know she's been to La Vela.