Friday, September 08, 2006


This is going to get a little confusing with all the quotation marks, but you can read the original text on Jeanette Walls' page. The article was about Lionel Richie taking his daughter, Nicole, to a clinic in Sweden because he was concerned about her weight loss.

"“I stood in front of [the doctor], just like you and I now, looked him in the eyes, and I said ‘Is it anorexia?’ And he said ‘It isn’t anorexia,’” the musician told the Swedish newspaper Expressen, according to our translator."

"According to our translator"? Isn't Lionel Richie from Tuskegee, Alabama? What language was he speaking that needed translated? I mean, I haven't needed Lionel Richie translated to me since that creepy "Hello" video where he stalked the blind girl. Oddly enough, I could relate to "Dancing on the Ceiling".


Katie said...

I think the quote was from a Sweedish newspaper, thus printed in whatever language it is that they speak over there. They needed an English to Sweedish translator.

I also saw this. How do you look at someone and go, "Oh, its not anorexia". Give me a freaking break.

also, other than hang out and be enemies with Paris Hilton and try to marry DJ AM, WHAT has this girl done?

Karly said...

Why not just go to a clinic here?

I actually like Nicole. At one time my bangs were modeled after hers.

Plus she is crass and I tend toward the crass side.

Jammy said...

She was by far the funniest one on the Simple Life. When they were working at Sonic and she was supposed to put "Buy one SonicDog get one free", or something like that, on the sign - but instead she put "1/2 off Salty Anal Weiners" -- that was funny. To top it off, when the manager asked her what she was doing, she responded, "I never was a good speller." CLASSIC!!! I don't remember anything else about the show, but that was hilarious, I thought.

Jammy said...

I was really just trying to work in the line about the "Hello" (is it me you're looking for - blind girl?????) video.