Friday, September 22, 2006

Maybe I Expect Too Much...

First off, the funniest little story that I read this week, again from Jeannette Walls’ column at

Beyoncé Knowles has created an alter ego named Sasha, and she turns to Sasha when her own ego gets a tad fragile. “When I feel uncomfortable about something, I tell myself, ‘I’m Sasha, I’m a diva, I’m fierce, I can do it.’ And then I can,” Knowles tells Blender. “Sometimes when Beyoncé slips through, I’m like ‘Hold up, come back!’ Sasha protects me. It’s a good way to keep sane.”

1.) The part, “and then I can”, kills me every time that I read it.
2.) I guess “sane” has become a relative term.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week wondering about this whole ‘blog’ thing. Specifically I’ve tried to apply the “well-if-it-was-easy-then-everyone-would-be-doing-it” theory to the blog world, but I’m getting an unexpected result. On one hand, blogging is easy and it appears that everyone is doing it, but the reality is that isn’t really that simple. Sure, it’s easy to cut and paste an article that you read on another website in to the little box and click ‘publish’. On the other hand, actually producing something of value is rather difficult.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not as well read as Karly and Katie and, therefore, am not able to speak even semi-intelligently on a world of different subjects. I’m not even sure where this month’s Runner’s World is. I know that it was delivered to the house, and usually I check out the ‘I’m a Runner’ page to see who’s a runner, but I didn’t even do that this month. It’s not that I didn’t want to read it, the magazine has just disappeared…like sleeping late on Sunday mornings, it’s just gone.

Maybe it’s because, unlike Beyonce, I don’t have an alter ego that takes over my very being, allowing me to break through the writer’s block and produce something inspiring and entertaining, or at the very least, mildly amusing. I mean, my alter ego takes over sometimes, but usually only when I’m sleep deprived and peeps keep asking dumba$$ questions.

Maybe it’s because I’m really not that good of a writer. Karly can take something as simple as a wasp hanging out in her house and make it sound interesting. Katie talks about buttons and pins and other people’s kids in such a manner that you KNOW that she believes in what she’s doing. Even first timer Michelle was able to post an entertaining, organized and well thought-out piece that came across as very free flowing. Me, I ain’t that good.

Some blogs have agendas. They’re pro-Bush, or pro-Anyone but Bush or some other such nonsense (at least to me). Me, I’m not really for or against much of anything, and it’s kind of important to have some relatively strong feelings about something in order to rally behind it. To have been born and raised in Alabama, a member of a Southern Baptist church (not just an “SBC joint”) my entire life, I think that I’m a little more left of right than most people would think, but I’m not off the scale on any one topic. I’ve never voted for a Democratic presidential or gubernatorial candidate, but that’s probably because I look and see who’s campaigning for that candidate and get so repulsed that I can’t bring myself to pull the lever for the donkey party. If any Dem candidate would ever tell Hollywood, “Thank you for your vote, and once I’m elected y’all can jump up and down, get high on the Greenhouse gases and talk crazy all you want, but until then, let’s keep the insanity on the down-low”, I think I might could get behind them.

I’m not voting for Lucy, though, because she’s “too liberal, too liberal, too liberal for Alabama”, but Bob Riley’s taking advice from someone who fought alongside the Mujahadeen - that can't be good for the kids...and it's about the kids, y'all. This might be another year that I vote for the write-in candidate. I do find it interesting how Riley has been able to absolutely bury the $1.2 BILLION tax package that he proposed during his first year in office. It probably wouldn’t make much political hay for Lucy to bring it up, what with her voting for it and all.

See, providing anything of value and substance is hard. Maybe I’m aiming too high. Maybe I should keep it to sophomoric humor and just tell you about the guy that I saw walking down the stairs in our building this morning. He entered the stairwell on four, I was walking down from five to go to Harbin's to get some cough medicine/nasal decongestant (just in case you were wondering). He was wearing his ID badge so he was either leaving work or going on break, I’m not sure which, but he had been at work so it really doesn’t matter where he was going at this moment. Apparently he felt appropriate Friday work attire to be a light blue t-shirt with MIAMI VICE in large, colorful block lettering across the chest, blue jeans, and flip-flops.

I wish that I could bring myself to wear something that laid back, but I guess I’m a little too right of center for that. And I didn’t come straight to work from the Kathy Griffin after-party.

I hope you saw, or Tivo’d, The Office last night. Funny stuff. My favorite line, “I watch The L-Word. I watch Queer as F#&k.” “That’s not the name of the show!”

That's all I got. More mediocrity.

Have a good weekend.


Lee said...

My favorite was when Dwight said, "But he doesn't wear women's clothing" when Michael told him Oscar was gay...

Karly said...

See your blog must be good if my own brother will give you a comment and not me.

I think you try to hard to make your posts be like an English paper for which you are striving to get and "A" and therefore sometimes it feels like work to you.

When you are writing you are trying to come up with something that will entertain your readers instead of just whatever you are thinking about.

Long-live your blog writing! You are the one who has inspired us all!

Jammy said...

"Can you imagine her with another woman?"

Devious smile comes across Dwight's face.

Speaking of inspiration, my next post will be about what I've decided would be my dream job - MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING! Is there a bigger non-job than that?

Karly said...

Motivational Speaker ties with Consultant for non-job.

Katie said...

Jam, don't worry about impressing others. Its how you feel about what you write that matters.

Jarrod said...

"I'm about to take this to another level."