Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I’ll have to come up with blankety blanks, and that will take some time. So instead, I’m going to recap a couple of things that happened over the holiday weekend.

1. I went 9-1 in the football pool, but that was only good enough for 4th place. Katie went 8-2 (or maybe 9-1) and leads the pool. I missed my 8 point game, Katie and two other peeps missed some lower point games.

2. Brandon got one year older. I’m not sure what that makes him (33?), but I’m pretty sure that I’m still older than he.

3. I went to the Auburn – Washington State game in the loveliest village on the plain(s) with four Auburn fans. We had a good time, but I was ready to leave before the game started.
Some observations/funny stuff:

A. Heard outside of Tiger Rags: “I just don’t like these new armor all shirts. The Russell shirts were better.”

B. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree: Auburn fans are somewhat delusional. They believe not only that they have a campus, but also that it is one of the loveliest in the nation. They have some nice buildings, Samford Hall makes a nice backdrop, but their campus is UAB-esque. It’s all parking lots and Toomer’s corner. One of the guys I was with said, “I think that Auburn and Ole Miss have the most beautiful campuses in the country.” Seen ‘em all, have you?

C. Apparently, the four inch denim skirt is in. I’m guessing you stand the entire day if you wear one of those.

4. Family heirlooms don’t mean beans to some people.

Here’s my take on keeping items that belonged to a now deceased family member. If the item reminds you of that person and gives you a warm, happy feeling, then keep it. If you’re keeping the item because it was grandma’s and you think that she’ll haunt you for giving it away or throwing it out – buy yourself some garlic and get rid of it. My parents have a basement full of furniture from my grandmother’s house that is doing nothing but growing mold. I have a couple of boxes of cookbooks, but I’ll get rid of those when Leah lets go of her Zaps!

It seemed like a much busier weekend.


Karly said...

The furniture that we have in our house that belonged to Brandon's deceased family member could definitely NOT be considered a family heirlom. Sorry to air our dirty laundry in front of you. Much to my suprise the fight did not continue on the way home.

Auburn does have lots have parking lots, dosen't it. I never really thought about.

Brandon made the same comments about the girls at the Alabama game - absolutely no clothes. He said he was glad that we didn't have a daughter.

Karly said...

I couldn't stand it. I have a blog now too.

Jammy said...

I was just providing my take on the furniture business. The discussion kind of came out of the blue and I wasn't prepared to respond at that moment. I have some stuff of my grandmother's that wouldn't be considered 'heirlooms' either (an old cheese grater, a garlic roaster, a spice grinder) that I won't give away, well, it would be hard for me to give it away. I would have to give it to my mom or someone in the family.

Katie said...

I went 9 and 1 also, Jam. I only missed the one game and it was my 2 confidence pick. Get it right.

Yes, I totally agree Auburn fans are delusional. Ask your wife about the time we were sucked into the Twilight Zone while we were there.