Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wasted Comedy

My funny comment that no one got last week story:

JRod's female friend, NatLee, was at our house last week. She's a lady druggist in training (that's a holla to Elly Walker, the lady druggist on The Andy Griffith Show)...anyway, she and Leah were discussing a drug that Leah is going to start marketing in the next few weeks. It's not a new drug, just a new "line" that Leah will "carry". It's a sleep drug, similar to Ambien.

As Leah was discussing the medication with her, NatLee said that one of the drugs causes a "little bit of amnesia". Leah's mom, who is not afraid any medication, very non-dramatically asked, "What? It causes AMNESIA?"

NatLee tried to calm her down by saying, "Yes, but just a little bit of amnesia."

I jumped in to help further by saying, "It's such a small amount that you'll forget that you have it."

And that was my funny comment that no one got last week.


Katie said...

very funny

Karly said...

Even Leah didn't get it? Why the capital "L" in the name?

Jammy said...

I don't know if she got it or not. It actually could have been another case of people just not listening to me. You know how everyone says that I'm quiet, but then when I say something they don't pay listen anyway? It could've been that.

They miss good stuff.