Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What a weekend.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday and had to park down the street, I hope that you understand.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday and thought it odd that the man of honor didn’t like the large gathering, please understand that he comes by that honest. It was a lot for his father also.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday hungry and ended up with a headache because the food wasn’t there at 4:00 as advertised, please know that Leah ordered the pizzas at 12:30 and told them that we’d be there at 3:30 to pick them up. When we tried to pick them up at 3:30, we were told that the order had just arrived at the store and that it would be 30 – 40 minutes. 90 minutes later, at 5:00, the pizzas were finally ready. The bitchy store manager blamed the call center, the call center blamed the store, and the customer service rep gave us a $25 credit and the wrong phone number for the district manager.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday hungry and left hungry, I’m sorry. By the time that I got to the kitchen, there was one piece of thick crust pepperoni left…and that was it. Peeps like to eat pizza sans moderation.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday and you went upstairs and were uncomfortable because the air conditioner wasn’t on and it was hot upstairs, then I’m sorry. You should have said something. I would have opened a window or turn on the air. Mi casa es su casa. This apology does not apply if your name is Brian.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday and my dad told you that the last time his sciatic nerve flared up he couldn’t walk because his balls were so sore, you may be able to overcome this trauma without therapy. But please, don’t try to be a hero.

If you came to Jack’s party last Saturday, you have probably been to his last birthday party for a while.

Let’s see, what else happened this weekend? OHHH, how could I forget!!! It had been hyped for months, and the premiere was this weekend. Four episodes over the course of two days! It had it all; fast cars, strife, conflict, and unconventional alliances. I hope that you guys liked Johnny and the Sprites as much as we did.

The Golden Globes Award show was on last night. I wish that I could have kept a running blog. I liked doing that a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, I was glad to see that Sex and The City wasn’t in the running for Best Comedy.


Katie said...

While I missed your GG commentary, Jack's party was fabulous. Fortunately, I did not speak to your Dad about his sciatica.

KBF said...

Who did your dad tell that to???

I liked the short Johnny better than the long Johnny, but we will give it another chance. It is a little creepy that he went to live in the woods all by himself and now he sees things that aren't really there...

Katie said...

Maybe Johnny brought his friend Mary Jane with him.