Thursday, June 28, 2007

Countrywide LUVS me again!!

Sorry for the posting delay lately. I'm just now exiting the shock-like state I entered after reading about some peoples' visit to 119.

The a-holes at Countrywide Mortgage called me a couple of nights ago to tell me that they reviewed my file, that I'm a great customer, and that they think they can save me some money on my home mortgage.

SIDE NOTE: If a company that you're already doing business with calls you and tells you that they can save you money on the product or service that you're already buying from them, they're jerking you around. If the price you're paying for the service is higher than the price they're currently providing the service to other people, why would they call you? I made that mistake with CenturyTel - our phone company - I knew the monthly bill would end up costing more than my current plan. Why did I switch plans?

After she said she could save me money, I asked her if she really reviewed my file. If she really reviewed the file, she would have seen the ceritified letter that Countrywide sent to me 5 months ago telling me that I was in default and that they could enter the house to inspect its condition, demand payment in full of the loan, and/or foreclose on the property. She was silent - no doubt looking for that little response in her scenerio playbook. I thanked her for calling and hung-up.

Last night, CenturyTel called to say that they could save me money on my internet bill. I told the caller that the last time they told me that they could save me money, my phone bill actually increased $5 a month. His response, "Well, uh, that was your phone bill, right? Uhh, I'm calling about our internet service."

OHHHH, well, I'm sure that y'all won't screw me on for your internet package like you did for the phone package.

What else? Oh, can anyone explain to me what's happening on Teletubbies? Jack loves that show, but it's kind of weird to me. Even more so than the Doodlebops.


Karly said...

I love it! Tell the so called "Customer Service Representatives" where to stick it!

After you complete the registration process will you get money?

Lee said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but if I had a blog I would post this:

Take a look at this link:

Who does the baby look like and is it real?

Jammy said...

Chris Farley?

Lee said... looks just like him. Poor girl, I wonder if it is real? I thought it was very funny.

Katie said...

That's hilarious. I would have loved to see the look on that girl's face.

119 isn't always so shocking.