Friday, February 29, 2008

Need an S, take an S

Why do people add an 's' to the end of a some words, and why does it bother me so? They're not making the word plural, or making it possessive, they're just adding an 's'.

For example, my dad loves to go to Wal-Marts. That's not Wal-Marts plural , it's Wal-Marts singular. He doesn't enjoy going to all the Wal-Marts, he only enjoys going to the single Wal-Marts in Gardendale. Do not, under any circumstance, get in to a K-Marts vs. Wal-Marts debate with my dad. You will lose.

It's somewhat disconcerting to my mother-in-law when she has to give Jack his Zyrtecs medication. It's disconcerting to me, too, because he actually takes Zyrtec.

I'm sure that I butcher a lot of words, especially when talking to the Cajun Ellie Walker, Leah, and Brandon about medications. But those are all Latin derivatives. I go Espanol!

That is what is going through my head right now. Just thought you'd like to know.

I disappointed the table last weekend when I ordered Miller Lite. I like Miller Lite okay, it's not at all my second choice, but it's just all that came to mind when the waiter told me he didn't have Coors Light.

I'm bored. It's been a long week. Next week, I start CARPOOLING! Can't you just feel the GREEN? I'll let you know how it goes.


Katie said...

dude- who are you carpooling with?

Karly said...

Shut Up! Didn't know you liked anybody enough to ride in the car with them everyday?

You can't have spent 4 years in T-Town and order Miller Lite. At least go for Bud Lite if the CL isn't available. They didn't have it last night at La Paz but I wasn't expecting to find something so lowbrow in Mountain Brook.

klhcain said...

And would a driver's license be singular or plural - it bothers me when someone refers to a license saying "I have to go get them - actually 'em."