Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Too much Access

Note: A lot of the names below are not spelled correctly. It's not on purpose, I just don't have time to look them up.

Last night on Access Hollywood, Billy Bush - who I've decided has the greatest job in the entire world, what with getting to work with Nancy O'Dell and/or Maria Menunos every day - was covering a photo shoot for Julianna Hough (the girl from DWTS). She was doing a (itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie) bikini shoot for SHAPE magazine. Not that I was really studying or any thing.

SIDEBAR: Am I the only one that thinks she has some Tara Reid characteristics? I mean, before the awful plastic surgery and her drunken TV show (Taradise, or Tara-ble).

During the story, Leah said, "Wow! She's got a nice body."

This was the conversation at our house for 30 minutes after the story went off:

2-year old Jack: Body again. Body again.

Leah: You want to see the girl's body again?

Jack: Otay!

Leah: Well, the show went off.

Jack: Body again. Body again. Body again.

Leah: Well, the show went off. We can't see the body again.

Jack: Body again?

Leah: Her show comes on in a couple of weeks. We'll see it then.

Jack: Otay. Body show in weeks. Body again?

Me: Here's the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, son. I suggest Danica Patrick and Brooklyn Decker.

Jack: Otay.

That last exchange didn't really happen, but wow, what did we do? We felt like we needed to read him the Bible for Babies as his night-night book.

It occurred to me during the exchange that Julianna is closer to Jack's age than she is to my age. Ouch.


Karly said...

You think Julianne has Tara Reid characteristics? What drunken show? Am confused. Guess DWTS will be making your TIVO least you might get a break from Cars!

Ha! Katie's other SBR - just noticed that :).

Karly said...

Reread and now understand that you are referring to Tara Reid's drunken show. But I absolutely do not think Julianne is like Tara Reid in any way!

Jammy said...

Watch Tara Reid in American Pie, and then look at Julianne. They're simular.

klhcain said...

Too funny.
Always thought Julianne looked good on DWTS but for Jack to care it must be really good.

Katie said...

I just saw part of the original American Pie and Tara was super cute. She had potential and totally ruined it.

Jack is a normal, red blooded American Male. When J was 2, we were eating with Suzi and we had a really hot waitress. I thought Jason was going to hurt himself checking her out. He was obviously attracted to her. He was 2. 2 years old. We did not teach him that. It was born in him.

klhcain said...

Was Jack disappointed in the show Mon.? Not much of Julianne's body showed in that dress - well, maybe the one in the opening number.