Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm Audi 5,000

Just wanted to let yous guys know that I'll be unable to post anything of substance this week...yeah, yeah, yeah, hardy-har-har.

I'll be at a seminar in Palm Beach, Florida...with some accountant/finance type peeps. It's a seminar for those who manage self-insured trusts or small insurance companies...I know you're jealous - don't even try to hide it...I do neither, but my boss is big on the whole, "If someone gets hit by a bus, we need someone to step in to their place." The seminar "Board of Directors" sent me 26 pages of memos and financial data to "familiarize" prior to our Wednesday night meeting. That's right, these go-getters are meeting Wednesday night from 6 - 10. Oy vey. It's going to be like GBA 490 all over again.

I gots to go pack my pocket protector, HP 800 business calculator, and someone else's business cards. See you next week.


Karly said...

I might actually rather be stuck with Drew all day in top-tantrum mode than there.

Katie said...

That sounds terribly painful. However, they may just want to go out and drink.

Jammy said...

It was actually a lot worse than I thought it would be...and I had minor flu like symptoms Thursday, which made it even better.