Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BACK: Part 2

Leah just called and said that it took two mover mens about four minutes to move the treadmill from the den upstairs down to the garage. It would have taken my OCD self 4 minutes to decide whether to take the treadmill down heavy-end first, or light-end first. My nights of parking inside are over, I guess, but my nightly runs are about to start. For that reason, I am BACK. Boston '08! Or maybe '09!

Hey, Leah's going to San Diego in a couple of weeks and I'll get to park inside while she's away (because she'll drive her car to the airport and park in the deck).

Leah doesn't like Pop-Tarts.

Jack is one year old today. He was on NBC13 this morning. We have it DiVoed if any of you didn't see it. He was born at 6:17 PM, so we have a couple of more hours before he is one year EXACTLY.

I'm going to reserve complete judgment until I've actually heard or read the speech, but President Bush is going to be on TV tonight asking for some more money. And some more troops. Given the alternatives that the Democrats gave me (AlGore2.0 and the Mike Shula of Politics John Kerry), I'd still vote for Bush if I had it to do all over again, but wow.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! I saw him on NBC13 this morning. Sorry they didn't get your name right. I actually recognized him before I saw his name.

King Conch said...

Oddly enough, at 5:30 they got my name right and not Leah's (they called her Lee). At 6:30, they got her name right and stumbled with mine. Nonetheless, it was Jack's Day so I was content to just be Jack's dad.

Katie said...

I want to see the DVR of it!!!

KBF said...

How is it possible not to like a pop tart? What's not to like? (Especially mint chocolate chip ones that you put in the freezer.) Are u running in Mercedes this year?

King Conch said...