Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eight years...

Yesterday (May 7, 2007) evening at 5:15 I asked Leah what we were doing eight years ago at that very moment. She correctly replied that we were standing at the Seaside Pavilion wondering what the wedding planner had available as a back-up location for our wedding. The weather was quite awful. Cloudy and cool with about a 30 mph wind and looking like it could just rain frogs at any minute. I was really concerned about the back-up location, because I knew it wasn't going to be big enough. Although we had invited a few hundred people, we had only planned (and rented chairs for) about 80 people that we thought would make the trip - and that number included some people that we weren't really sure about but planned for any way. I think the final headcount was about 120. I knew the planners didn't have an indoor space to accommodate 120 people (this was before they built the church in Seaside). Where were these people going to sit? Who were we going to ask to not come? How do you even go about that? How much was Seaside going to charge us when they realize that we had underestimated the number of guests by about 50%? I was hoping that Leah's dad brought some more shares of AT&T stock down to pay for the overage charge. Alas, it didn't come to that.

After a dreary Friday evening, we couldn't have asked for a better Saturday. Our wedding started at 5PM. During our three minute ceremony, I said 'I do' about four times. In my defense, Brother Brandon told me to say 'I do' when he paused. Well, while speaking to me, he paused four times. Don't tell me to do something if you don't want it done. The ceremony was over by 5:03PM, I think, which was a huge relief to the 40 or so people that had to sit on the wooden stairs in the blaring evening sun. Did we eat dinner at Bud & Ally's that night? I think that we did, because we saw Meagan and Michelle. That may have been Sunday night. Anyhoo. We stayed in Seaside (Honeymoom cottage #12) for a few days while everyone else went home. I fainted at Red Bar on Tuesday night...not from the alcohol but from a day of hanging out in the sun and drinking about 6 ounces of water all day. That was fun. Leah still has pictures of me in the ambulance if any of you are interested.

Eight years. It really doesn't seem like it's been that long. I guess Kermit the Frog was right when he said, "time's fun when you're having flies."


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Leah! Have fun with the Field's in Jamaica!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary Guys! It was a beautiful wedding. I always forget about the multiple i do's. That was so funny. I was trying REALLY hard not to laugh!

I love you both very much and hope you have many more wonderful years together.