Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Just a quick note. You guys know that I went to the doctor last week for my sore right ankle. I had x-rays and everything. Well, on doctor's orders, I haven't run in a week and I've been taking Aleve (which might be eating a hole in my stomach). The office just called me about the x-rays, and they relayed the following:

The x-ray tech says that your x-ray isn't abnormal, but it isn't normal either. The x-ray show density, which is to say swelling, in the area where you describe having the most pain. It doesn't appear to be traumatic. It is probably quite possibly congenital, but it could be traumatic caused by the continued exercise.

So, I really don't know any more now than I did a week ago. I'll keep taking an NSAID, ice, and lay off the running until we get back from Jamaica. Then if running still hurts, I'll go for an MRI.

Brandon, I really just think that it's the shoes. I shouldn't have bought the GT 2110 because they were on sale.

While I'm here, one more quick story. We were at Parisian this past Sunday. I was trying on a button down shirt (over my Ed t-shirt) when the sales lady walked over and asked if she could help us with anything. I said that I was just trying to decide between the medium and the large. It went something like this:

Sales lady: What size is the one that you have on now?

Me: This is the medium.

Sales lady: Really? Those must run big.

Me: Thanks?

Sales lady: No, I mean, there's no way that I thought that you'd fit in to a medium.

Me: Thanks?

Sales lady: I mean, I mean...what a cute little boy. What's his name?

She then proceeded to tell us that her son and daughter-in-law were getting old and need to hurry up if they wanted to have kids. I didn't ask, but I'm sure that they're both probably pushing 26.

We let her check us out just to show that we weren't offended. It was a fun watching a fish out of water suffocate.

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Katie said...

Sorry you can't run. Sale shoes could definately be the cause...

Poor Saleslady. Some men are offended to wear a smaller size...kind of like they aren't brawny or manly enough to wear a large. Maybe she was just trying to say you looked manly.