Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'Dreamgirls' Premiere

Does anyone out there understand giving a standing ovation, or any ovation really, at a movie? Do people clap for rented movies that they watch in the privacy of their own homes? I can understand getting emotionally involved during a movie. I cried when the doctors told Rock Blier that he couldn't play football again in 'The Rocky Blier Story'. Of course, Rocky did play again and was an integral part of the Steelers' Championship teams of the 70s. I also got motion sickness during "The Blair Witch Project", but I don't think that really applies. So I've cried, laughed, thought and vomited at the movies, but I've never, ever, clapped at a movie. Not even at any of the 'Rocky' movies.

Have you ever caught yourself clapping at the end of song on the radio? I mean, I have, but I'm not right.

I have vowed not to check the message boards today for "updates" on the Alabama coaching search. I've GOT to do some work today. Startinnnnnnnnng NOW!


Karly said...

Leah said y'all divoed Oprah with the Dreamgirls people. Are y'all really into that for some reason? I read that when it first opens in a limited run the tickets movie tickets to it are going to cost $25. What is the deal with this movie - am I missing something life changing?

Are you going to Billy Joel when he comes here?

As I know you know, work is overated!

Jammy said...

I think Leah Divos every Oprah show. You never know when John Mayer might show up. We ended up watching the episode with the Dreamgirls because Jamie Foxx is a funny man. And we got caught up in a debate about how old Eddie Murphy might be.

I'd like to go to the Billy Joel show, but tickets went on sale Saturday (12/2). Unless Leah bought some that I don't know about, (I've got Christmas and my birthday within a 4 day stretch and then I'm done for the year) the only seats that are available now are actually under the stage. I went to the Face2Face show a couple of years ago with the Kathy Griffin audience. Good show. I wish I could play the piano. Or clap on beat. Or even sway to the music.

Karly said...

I feel your pain. They took me out of the front row of the Phi Mu door song because I couldn't clap on beat and sing at the same time.