Tuesday, December 12, 2006


A couple of weeks ago, Leah and I were walking through Bath & Body Works. I had the following exchange with one of the employees:

B&BW Employee: You look like that guy on TV, what’s his name?

Me: Alan Alda.

B&BW Employee: THAT’S IT! You look just like him.

Well, my ability to be a jacka$$ painted me, once again, in to a corner. How could I possibly correct my previous answer? I’d sound like even more of a jacka$$ had I said, “No, it’s not Alan Alda. I believe you’re thinking of George Clooney.”

What if, after correcting her, she said, “No, I’ve seen Clooney and you don’t look anything like him. It’s definitely Alan Alda. You know, the guy from M*A*S*H?”

Yes, I know Hawkeye Pierce.

I just let it go and started sniffing the holiday candles. One year I’m going to buy the cinnamon one.

We had our 10th annual friends and family Christmas party this past Sunday night. At least we thought it was the 10th. Wait, it was. We started innocently and informally enough when we lived in the commune in 1997. This year makes 10. (Don't you hate it when people type out there thoughts?) Anyway, good times. Wow, the cooks have really developed with 10 years of practice. That was the best food we’ve ever had.

I did hear some rather interesting stories at the Christmas party. I’m debating on whether to use this space to address one thing that I heard, or I may just let it go altogether. Leah told me not to address it, but I’ve seen what happens if you just stay quiet. And I'm hurting for material.

I don’t know the person that started the story, although I believe that I’ve met her, and I’m not sure what she saw on this site that drove her to her conclusion. I think she just has me confused with someone else, but I may still have to break it down bean counter style to prove her incorrect, you know, just for fun – not that there’s anything wrong with it. That breakdown’s going to take more time than I have today, though.

Oh, to kind of close the loop on a previous topic, I’m not sure how or why, but Jack is now sleeping from 7:30 PM until about 5:30 AM. He sleeps later some days, like today he woke up at 6:25 AM. We still “put him to sleep” by rocking him, but we don’t have to go to his room at night to put him back to sleep (he’s able to self-soothe during the night). He also doesn’t cry immediately and constantly upon waking in the morning. He cries for a few minutes, but then he gets quiet. When we go up to get him, we find him just sitting in his crib staring at his nightlight. It’s a little sad and scary at the same time. Kind of like this blog.



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Jammy said...

Wellllll you didn't look hard enough, because there are thousands and thousands of ways to earn money outlined on this site. You could develop a product that helps jackasses get out of painted corners. You could teach babies to sleep. You could find Alabama a new football coach. You could teach people to cook in less than 10 years. Come on man, use your melon!

Karly said...

OH...I am on the phone with someone and I CAN't STOP LAUGHING!!!! That is TOO funny.

You must address the comments ASAP! You said you didn't have any work to do anyway.!

Karly said...

Also, since your problems are solved you can give me back the Sleep Lady book. I like to read ahead in the age chapters to anticpate any problems that might arise. Plus, I need to read up on yanking the paci if she covers that.

Katie said...

You mention Jack and Leah alot on your site. Has this person not noticed that? Your WIFE and SON.

Love your reply to the spammer. I am so over the Alabama Coaching Search. After being spurned by Spurrier, it was over for me.

Karly, I just took Jason's away from him one day (per ENT's orders) and he was fine. He does like to still kind of chew on sippy cups though. I think its a replacement for the absent passy.

Lee said...

I bet this person thought you were an Auburn fan...Tell me more.

klh said...

If the book covers yanking the paci, don't give it back to Karly. Drew still needs it (per his Nana). It won't hurt him (unless the ENT says it does).