Tuesday, December 19, 2006


1. No one is mad. Ire and tension are not allowed in The Conch Shack. Remember, this is a warm, happy place where anger rolls off of you like the cold condensation water beads roll off of a Red Stripe bottle (or Turk's Head Lager, where ever you may be).

2. Huh?

3. So y'all don't like the cuff links idea. People didn't like my Doc Martens 100 years ago, either, but then they took off. And then the fad crashed. It's okay.

4. I know this may sound completely idiotic, but it's okay if you like something that no one else likes. Thank God that Leah took a shot on someone that was repulsive to many others. (Of course, she didn't really like me until she saw me at a concert with someone else.)

5. That is all. Back to work and have a nice day.


Karly said...

I actually do like cuff links - they are rather snazzy and GQ in my opinion and have an air of Britishness to them. It just reminded me of an older person - not that there's anything wrong with that - cue Seinfeld comment. Once you start with the cuff links I bet you will amass quite a collection as people will say, "Oh Jammy likes cuff links - look at these shaped like running shoes, let's get him some of those, etc., etc.

Jammy said...

I wouldn't wear them every day.

Would I need a jewelry box to hold all of the cuff links? That might be a 2,500 point deduction.

Katie said...

I thought when you said you couldn't think of anything nice to say you were mad at my comment.

I deleted my own post because all it said was "I". J was in my lap and pressed something that made my comment post before I was finished.

Mysteries solved.

Jammy said...

No. I thought Karly was calling me a three letter word that didn't start with 'g', but carries the same meaning. I was about to say something about a topic that I have been told not to say anything about.

Clear as mud now, huh?