Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Name is Jammy

Sweet Karma

Being nice usually doesn’t pay off for me. If I hold the elevator for a mother and her three kids, they are usually just going up one floor. In our building with its slow elevators, every stop adds about a minute to the ascent. Now, I understand taking the elevator up one floor if you’ve got your hands full of hellyuns, but when one of the little tikes presses every floor on his way off of the elevator, I suddenly start wishing that I had acted like I didn’t even see you rushing for the closing doors.

But today…ahh today, karma is on my side. Well, this is the fourth Monday of this week, so I don’t know if karma is really on my side, but at least she gave me a momentary break.

I was going in to the copy room to make a copy of a two-page document when one of the other department employees cut me off. Being nice, I let her beat me to the copier so that she could copy a 36-page recipe or some other such nonsense. (I’m sure it was work related, but whatever.) After the first page went through the machine, the out of paper alarm buzzed. I stood by patiently and laughed a little inside. After she found some paper to load in to the machine, she started her project again. Two pages later the machine went silent and beeped three times…paper jam. This brought a smile to my face and I’m sure a look that she despised, but whatever. As she flipped levers and turned knobs and pulled out duplex trays, I walked to the fax machine and copied my document. The quality isn’t as good, but as I type this I can her saying “I don’t see any paper at E”.

Then I came back to my office and have 4 new voice mails….I was only gone 2 minutes!

Does My Name is Earl still come on?

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