Friday, April 13, 2007

Odds and Ends

Do y’all remember that show, Who Wants to Marry My Father?? (?) It came on several years ago on NBC. Heidi, one of the daughters on WWtMMF, parlayed her exposure on that show in to a role on Passions, and she’s still on Passions today. How about that? That’s like, Elisabeth Filarski kind of stuff.

Can y’all think of any one else that has done that…been on a reality show and gone on to success on a “real” show?

I guess it depends on your definition of ‘success’ and ‘real’, but let’s not include any Real World – Road Rules kids (well, they were kids 18 years ago when they started) that just KEEP ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON with the MTV challenge shows. I’m talking to you Eric from RW season 1 and THE GRIND, annoying a$$ Beth from Hawaii – or maybe it’s Amaya from Hawaii and Beth from San Diego or Seattle…who ever and where ever she was, she remains annoying and whiney today and I wish bad things to any cameraman that aims his camera at her.

That’s all the people that I can think of right now…we thought Colleen from Survivor had a shot at something, but all she got was a Chap Stic commercial and a role as Rod Schneider’s love interest in “The Animal”, and that’s not really much of a prize.

I know Coby is doing something, but I don’t know what it is. And “Hey Budddddeeee” Stephen is on One Tree Hill or Men in Trees or something about trees. Big Gay Naked Guy is in prison for not paying taxes on his winnings, which I think is funny but I also wonder why the producers weren’t required to withhold taxes from his prize winnings…like they do if you win the lottery or more that $1,000 at any casino. I wish I knew an accountant.

I submit entries weekly to the Late Show Top Ten Contest. This week’s category was “Top Ten Signs Your Accountant is Nuts”. One of my responses was, “His name is Parker T. Nuts.” I know that it was simple and the writers of the show probably saw that one coming from 900 miles away, but I laughed about that one all day yesterday. To be honest, I’m chuckling a little now. Maybe it’s because his middle initial is “T”. It’s good to be self-entertaining.

A former More or Less contributor and one of the smartest people that I know now has a “regular” blog. Check it out.

Lastly, but most importantly, happy birthday wishes go out to Hayden!!! HH will be celebrating her 4th (fourth?) birthday this weekend. That just doesn’t seem right. Kids must age faster than the rest of us.

Enjoy your weekend.


Karly said...

You MUST start posting your weekly Letterman submissions on your blog. It is an absolute crime that you have not done so previously.

Lee said...

They treated Hatch as an independent contractor and not an employee. Therefore, his winnings were reported on a 1099 with no withholdings instead of a w-2. Companies like to do this because then they are not responsible for paying 1/2 of SS Security and Medicare taxes.

Are you sure other game shows do not treat winnings this way? I know casinos don't.

Also, the only reason he went to jail is because he evaded taxes. The form he received showed no taxes were withheld and he knew he should report this income but failed to do so.

klhcain said...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck from a Survivor is a cohost on The View (not acting but she did parlay it into something). And Stacey Keibler from Dancing with the Stars is on some show I don't watch but read it in TV Guide although she was already in the entertainment field b/c of the wrestling thing (I guess some people consider that entertainment).

Karly said...

Mother- Filarski is Elisabeth's maiden name. Karly

klhcain said...

Sorry, don't watch Survivor, only know her as Hasselbeck.

Katie said...

I love the communication on this site! Also love Lee's IC post. I agree we must hear the Letterman posts.

Think of all the AI contestants that have gone on to success. Ethan (Survivor Africa) has some kind of soccer thing with greasy Constantine. I think Colby is a Rachel Ray correspondant. Also, Kyle from RW Chicago is still on Days last time I checked.

thanks for the plug too. i'm really not thast smart though...