Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dare - from a purely scrambling around, wondering what's going to happen next perspective, it's like JCAHO showed up and brought the Medicaid auditors with them this week! Actually, it might be worse than that.

The first part of Monday's frenzy:
The Virginia Tech Shootings

Followed by:
Student Struck by Police Car

Then on Tuesday:
Student Dies at Campus Aquatic Center

It's enough to make me numb to Katie knocking me down to like 11-teenth on her links list. It's not been a good week.

I was going to tell you guys something, and now I've forgotten...maybe it was that I'll never get my new jeans if my neighbor keeps making cherry pie and homemade ice cream...maybe it was that Jack getting molars is not the most peaceful thing I've ever experienced...maybe it was that American Idol this year, yeah it's not so good...who knows. My mind is every where and no where at the same time.

Saturday is the Statue to Statue 15k. I've wanted to run this race for a few years, but for one reason or another, I've never done it. Brandon is slightly injured and will be running at about 50%. Maybe I won't be too far behind him for once.

BBL. Out.


Jammy said...

I'm being lazy, but I don't feel like editing the previous post. I also wanted to say that I enjoyed Zona Rosa, where River Market Deli used to be. Good eats. Keep it on the down low.

Karly said...

Yes, we are behind some random from Chicago.

Enjoyed might be a little liberal of a term.

Katie said...

I will put Conch shack back to the top of the list. didn't realize you noticed since you didn't leave a comment.

Molars huh? Yeah they get 2 sets. It pretty much sucks both times.