Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cruising (or not)

I said, "Jack, hands at 10 and 2." He stepped on my sunglasses instead.

Thoughts and a few cringes go out to a friend today as the doctor puts a scalpel in a place that scalpels really shouldn't be placed. There has got to be a better way. All that pain and it's not even 100% effective? I hear tell that, after the procedure, there are still shells in the shotgun. We can send a man to the moon, but we can't come up a better system? Where's the outrage, Oprah?

We watched one episode of The Office from the BBC last night. Almost word for word, it was exactly the same as the NBC version. Even the plot lines were the same. Dwight K. Shrute is better than their Assistant to the Regional Manager (they used that line, or we stole it from them, whatever). Overall, it was kind of a let-down given all the extra work you have to put in to understanding what they're saying. The British accents are a little heavy.



Katie said...

How cute is Jack Jack? Sorry about those glasses.

Boo seems to be fine. He's laying downstairs watching the Open and eating Pizza and cupcakes. Trust me, the C Section I had to go through (and would have to go through were there to be any more children) was MUCH MUCH MUCH worse. I could not walk out of my C Section surgery. They had to wheel me out on a gurney and put those pressurized boots on me so I would not get a clot. Don't even get me started on the pain and the cathater.

My Mom is always saying that about The Office too. However, since the 'rents are Angliophiles, they prefer the British Office. Me, I like the American version. You can't beat Dwight.

Marsha said...

So glad to see Jack. How cute is he?