Monday, June 11, 2007


Wow. That was a lot. I don't even care to recap it. I'm not as good as Katie, and I only had a camera phone, but here are some pics:

This is smoke at the launch pad a couple of minutes after launch. Looks like it's close by, right? It's 6 miles away. See the little bump across the river (right above the left ear of the guy in the hat)? That's the launch pad.

This is the smoke trail left by the shuttle. The solid rocket boosters came off about where the smoke trail ends.

After the launch, we went back to Kennedy Space Center. Winds had taken the shuttle's smoke trail and created this formation in the sky. Pretty neat, no?

The picture that impressed Jack the most.


Katie said...

Amazing pictures Jam! I can't believe you got all that with a camera phone!!! Great color and composition : )

I also like the Mickey picture too. Glad Jack enjoyed it. I hope your Grandad enjoyed it too.

klhcain said...

Glad it was what you thought it would be and know your Grandfather was thrilled.

Karly said...