Monday, June 18, 2007

What a difference a week makes

Last Monday, I didn't have the energy or desire to recap the trip to see the shuttle launch. Today I wish that I had taken a videographer to record the whole weekend...even the parts where we got snubbed at IHOP and got the finger from the local at Melbourne Beach.

Long story short, for those that don't know, my PawPaw was in an automobile wreck last Thursday - four days after we got back from our trip. He was thrown from the vehicle and suffered massive internal injuries. He had some significant cuts on his scalp, but suffered no blunt force trauma to the head. He is in the TBICU, however, with injuries to just about every internal organ. He has not regained consciousness, but he does respond to commands to wiggle his toes and squeeze hands. He plays favorites, though, and only squeezes the hands of his daughters and my cousin Donna.

My family, while very concerned, will only be serious when the time is right. We'll laugh as much as we can through the pain. It's not just us "older kids" either. The younger generation knows how to laugh also - or at least how to make us laugh with their honesty. My cousin's 8 year old daughter made PawPaw card using a ball point pen and a piece of notebook paper.

On the outside, she wrote "Dear Great PawPaw, I (heart) U".

On the inside she wrote, "Are you o.k.? I am so sorry that you almost broke every bone in your body."

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, even from those of you that aren't quite sure what to say. I've been there, too. I'll try to keep you updated.

One last thought...girls are much better nurturers than boys. My mom and her sisters haven't gone 100 yards from PawPaw since he's been here. My female cousins, Donna and Teresa, have stayed night after night, lending moral support and medical interpretations (they're both nurses). It just makes me wonder who would take care of me if I were in PawPaw's place.


klhcain said...

I am so sorry about your PawPaw. Karly had told me about it and I am praying for him and your family.
I am so glad you had your trip and time with him before this happened.
Laughter keeps you from falling apart at times like this.

Karly said...

Does that mean your percentages are shifting? Jack will get a good wife and she can take care of you.

You know we are praying for PawPaw and your family!

klhcain said...

My brother was there early morning and late into the night when my daddy was in the hospital - we did the day shifts. Guys can do it if necessary.

Katie said...

we are definately praying for your Paw Paw and your family. great pic, btw.