Monday, June 04, 2007

Twist and Shout Regrets

I'm going to let Karly detail the evening, but I had to make one comment about our visit to Twist & Shout. You really need to have a game plan before you go in there. Next time I'll know.

Saturday night I couldn’t think of anything, but the ideas are coming fast and furious now. Some of the tunes would have been funny and the piano players could have had fun with, others I would have just liked to hear played on the piano. Songs I wish that I had requested, in no particular order:

Alcohol (Brad Paisley)
That Don’t Impress Me Much (Shania Twain)
Straight to Hell (Drivin N Cryin)
Islands in the Stream (Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers)
Drivin My Life Away (Eddie Rabbit, alternate – I Love a Rainy Night)
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (Billy Joel)
Cantaloop, Flip Fantasia (US3)
Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio)
Complicated (Avril Lavigne)
Hand in My Pocket (Alanis Morissette)
I Go Blind (Hootie & the Blowfish, alternate - Time)
Low (Cracker)
Italian Leather Sofa (Cake)
Allison Road (Gin Blossoms, alternate - Cheatin’)
U Can Look (Jump, Little Children, alternate – Dancing Virginia)

That would have been enough for them to tell me to sit down next to Dead Girl (a/k/a White Snake) and leave them alone.


Katie said...

Yes, I too was disapointed in myself that I could not think of any good "piano bar songs". All I could think of was "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and that is cheezy.

Karly said...

Why do you call her Dead Girl?

Jammy said...

She had a pale white, Marilyn Manson type quality about her. Almost gothic. She looked like a walking corpse.